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Please accept my application to join The Senior Citizens’ Support Group.

I agree to conform to the terms of the constitution of the group as it stands at any given moment in time. I also agree that the details, I have provided below, may be retained by the group in accordance with Data Protection Act 1998 and understand that those details will not be passed to any third party.

I agree that any photographs taken at Group events, in which I appear, may be published by the Group as part of the Groups promotional activities.

The form below can be completed online and the appropriate payment, as per your indicated requirements, sent to Senior Citizens’ Support Group, 7 Old Town Hall, Westfield Road, Horbury, WF4 6HR or handed in at any group event.

I apply for Annual Membership at £3 per annum + £3 Joining feeI apply for Life Membership at £6 + £3 Joining fee

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